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Dr. Bruce Bell talks with patient of 30 years Tuesday in his Fox River Grove office. Bell has adopted direct primary care, a new model for paying for health care that aims to give better access and more personal care to patients.

DPCJ Poll: Each day, how much time would you estimate that you spend with each of your DPC patients during each visit?

October 20, 2014 • Research

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Figure out your marketing for the holidays, stat.

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“In today’s healthcare culture, the 55-plus audience hasn’t been entirely abandoned,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal, “but the advertising aimed at this population segment (even during the holiday season) is simply aimed at maintaining brand loyalty and establishing that the products they love are still good, still function and most likely being improved…. Read More ›

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TRENDING TODAY … Affordable ‘DPC’ medicine doc in Madison, WI closes up shop — ‘… Attempted to set up deals with over 500 small businesses …plus, insurmountable obstacles for his practice to get a foothold in the local health care scene.’

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The DPC Journal reached Dr. Schupp for comment this morning (Nov. 22, 2013) and he said the following to our Editor, Michael Tetreault … “I wanted to try something different [entrepreneurial] and had over 100 patients were interested in the first two-months of startup. I was able to cover expenses with just 40 patients.” “Straight… Read More ›

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Free Admission to Direct Primary Care (DPC) Roundtable at Pri-Med Midwest

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Free Admission to Direct Primary Care Roundtable at Pri-Med Midwest Learn About Alternatives to Fee-for-Service from Physicians Who Practice Direct Primary Care ROSEMONT, IL – October 3, 2014 – DBC Pri-Med LLC, a leading provider of professional medical education to a community of more than 260,000 clinicians, will host a roundtable discussion focused on the… Read More ›

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POLICY: Doctors subtract government from medical equation

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By GERARD J. GIANOLI SPECIAL TO THE LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL OCTOBER 17, 2014 – Doctors in Nevada and across the country are protesting against the government’s intrusion into health care, but we aren’t voicing our concerns using bullhorns and pickets. Instead, many of the state’s 5,400 physicians are protesting silently through their practice decisions. Having… Read More ›

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BUSINESS: I Removed Every Inessential Thing From My Website. Here’s What Happened (to My Life).

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By James Clear, February 20, 2014 – When I built my first website a little over 3 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Naturally, I figured that looking at what other websites and blogs had on their pages would be a good place to start. I started seeing sites with… Read More ›

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LAMBERTS, MD: ‘Growing a new kind of practice: Success is based on executing ideas.’

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Rob Lamberts, MD | Physician | March 13, 2014 Sorry for the long gap between blog posts. I have been distracted by the volume of work that I have had to do.  Is that a good thing? Yes. Is it a bad thing?  Certainly. I recently heard an interview of Mark Cuban, the owner of… Read More ›


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