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First-year medical students perform a pelvic exam on rubber dummies. An increasing number of doctors-in-training are supplementing their knowledge of human anatomy with an understanding of the business world. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Rise of the M.D./M.B.A. Degree

October 24, 2014 • Business

The Rise of the M.D./M.B.A. Degree By Vidya Viswanathan For David Gellis, the spark came during a class in college on health policy in America. He had known he wanted to become a doctor, but he was looking for a way to contribute to systemic change in healthcare. His professor at the time was Donald… Read More ›

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AAFP Hosts Direct Primary Care Track at Annual Assembly

(0) Brian Forrest, M.D., tells attendees at his presentation on direct primary care that the model initially appealed to him, in part, because he wanted to spend more time with patients.

Can Direct Primary Care Free Family Physicians From The “Hamster Wheel”? Source: AAFP OCTOBER 23, 2014 – Build your knowledge about Direct Primary Care. Attend each of three CME and four Expanding Learning sessions for a learning experience that is sequential and cumulative. The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model represents a paradigm shift that promotes… Read More ›

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Figure out your marketing for the holidays, stat.

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“In today’s healthcare culture, the 55-plus audience hasn’t been entirely abandoned,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal, “but the advertising aimed at this population segment (even during the holiday season) is simply aimed at maintaining brand loyalty and establishing that the products they love are still good, still function and most likely being improved…. Read More ›

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TRENDING TODAY … Affordable ‘DPC’ medicine doc in Madison, WI closes up shop — ‘… Attempted to set up deals with over 500 small businesses …plus, insurmountable obstacles for his practice to get a foothold in the local health care scene.’

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The DPC Journal reached Dr. Schupp for comment this morning (Nov. 22, 2013) and he said the following to our Editor, Michael Tetreault … “I wanted to try something different [entrepreneurial] and had over 100 patients were interested in the first two-months of startup. I was able to cover expenses with just 40 patients.” “Straight… Read More ›

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CANADA: Alberta Health Minister Stephen Mandel caught an earful Wednesday Eve. from rival candidates over allowing direct-pay and boutique health-care clinics to operate.

(0) edm-whitemud-debate

By Dean Bennett  The Canadian Press “I also agree (with critics) that there’s no place in our system for privatization. They (doctors) can be in or they can be out.” OCTOBER 23, 2014 – EDMONTON – Alberta Health Minister Stephen Mandel caught an earful Wednesday from rival candidates over allowing boutique health-care clinics to operate…. Read More ›

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Medscape Business of Medicine, “A Small Practice’s Fight to Stay Independent: Can It Work?”

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In a May 2014 Medscape interview, Concierge Medicine Today and the Direct Primary Care Journal, said that there were nearly 4000 physicians “who are verifiably, actively practicing concierge medicine or direct primary care across the United States, with probably another 8000 practicing under the radar.”) By Neil Versel, MedScape A Valiant Fight for Independence OCTOBER… Read More ›

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Patient Care: ‘Prosthetics Can Be Made Affordable With 3-D Printers …’

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By Clark Howard, JUNE 7, 2014 – If you end up losing a body part, prosthetics can be expensive. But the miracle of new technology has a cost-effective answer. Here’s a look at the emerging field of cheap prosthetics One person can make a difference in ways that are so unexpected. I read a… Read More ›


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