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DPC is Not the only game in town any more with Gen-X, Millennials and Gen-Y. The free market healthcare tree is an orchard now.


By Michael Tetreault, Editor/Author, Father & Patient

Last Updated: Nov 2019 Edition –

It takes a village.

Free Market Healthcare Delivery and its family tree is much larger than simply concierge medicine and direct primary care.

Today, we have a lot more options when choosing a doctor or where we want to get our healthcare. Some good, some well, the jury is still out and others, the data is a little concerning but Patients still go to these apps and places whether the data and their doctor says so or not. And, until such ti,e that a Doctor’s opinion is respected, heeded and followed, consumers will do what they want — when they want.

So, whether it’s via an App on our phone, a phone call to a stranger, a visit to an Urgent Care Clinic, a nurse in a box, a kiosk in Walmart or inside a subscription-based healthcare delivery model, there is an entirely new set of options people have access to that compete with your expertise, time and opinion that you should understand.


“America’s Best Places To Work never include a doctors office,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of the trade publication and conference host, Concierge Medicine Today and its sister publication, The Direct Primary Care Journal. “Inside traditional medicine, patients expect to wait. They expect insurance to cover their visit. When it does not, they expect to fight. Consumers of healthcare today say they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at the Doctor’s offices. Today, subscription-based healthcare delivery models in primary care, family medicine and even sometimes in the specialties — give people a choice. They give people options and that’s a good thing!”


Click Here to View The 2019 Free Market Healthcare Delivery Family Tree INFOGRAPHIC …

Your Free Market Healthcare Choices Are Many. Know The Differences.

2019 Free Market Healthcare Delivery Family Tree | INFOGRAPHIC
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